Cool Weather Vegetables

March 5, 2018


March 17 through May 1st-  Cool Weather Veggies are Vegetables that like cooler temperatures. They don't care for the hot Kansas summers and will not perform as well.  These include: lettuce,  spinach, collard greens, peas, radish, beets, broccoli, cauliflower and kale


Those last few weeks of winter can be miserable for gardeners wishing to see a glimpse of green. An early spring garden has been the savior of many a winter sufferer. Among vegetables suited for early planting, potatoes, onions and lettuce are some of the mainstays. Early in, early out is the growing technique for these garden staples. Here are our tips for your cool weather planting success! 



1. Select seed potatoes that are firm and have several 'eyes' showing on the potato. Large potatoes with multiple eyes can be cut into sections that weigh about 1 1/2 ounces with an "eye" in each section.  It is recommended to cut a few days prior to planting to let a cure cover the fresh cut.


2. Dig a trench 3 to 6 inches deep with a shovel or a hoe and place the fresh cut potatoes about 12 inches apart with the sprouts upright.


3. Cover the trench and mound up the soil slightly. Hill the soil up around the sprouts when they are about 6 inches tall.


4. Harvest the potatoes when the tops have turned brown and died back, about 90 to 120 days after planting, depending on the variety.

Varieties that we carry are:  Kennebec, Yukon Gold, Pontiac Red, Viking, & Red Norland



1. There are two types of onions, onion plants and onion sets or bulbs.  The bulbs are planted in early spring around March 17th but can be planted as spring, summer, and fall crops.  They require 12 + hours of daylight to form bulbs. 


2. Sets are small onion plants that have been planted the season before and delayed in their development. They will mature more quickly than seed. Only a few onion varieties are offered as sets. Check local nurseries and plant centers for transplants in October or November. Transplants may also be grown from seeds planted in potting mix in September and set out 50 to 60 days later.


3. Harvest the onion bulbs in early June. Onion tops may be harvested 30 days after planting and used as green onions.


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